Good morning from Boise!

Good morning from Boise!
This past summer we started with a new exchange with Bishop Kelly Hight School in Idaho (Boise). At the beginning of July Ane Eiguren, Nikole Leanibarrutia, Itziar Arrazola and Irantzu Picatoste arrived in Boise with Andone Ruiz Uranga. The main aim of the project is to strengthen the relantionships between Boise and our school and consolidate the exchange in the near future. 4 students have had the oportunity to come to Boise, but we hope to increase this number next year.
On Tuesday 19th of July, we landed on Boise´s airport. The families, together with the President of Bishop Kelly, were there waiting for us. Our plan is to spend a month here to improve our english and to know the basque Dispora´s habits.
All of us have met at the local park of Boise and enjoyed a picnic. Our students were very happy with their families and they practised their english a lot. The families organised a river rafting activity for us, because in Boise, there´s a big interest in adventure sports.
31st of July, S. Ignacio festivity, all the basques of Boise get together and organise some activities in order to keep basque culture alive. It´s amazing how many people can speak basque! It´s really admirable the effort these people do to preserve their culture.
From Boise, Andone Ruiz Uranga
Pedagogic Director
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